G. P. Amelin, A. I. Bludov, V. I. Guesl'nikov, N. M. Kolyadin, Yu D. Kuroedov, A. I. Mashchenko

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An exploding-wire breaker that operates in the temperature range of 77-4. 2 degree K is described. Spent wires can be replaced without warming of the cryostat. The breaker is tested in a circuit with a pulsed inductive storage device and a synchronized control supply. When a quasiconstant current of 3 kA with a density of 5 multiplied by (times) 10**5 A/cm**2 is switched, 40 kV is obtained in the wires with an average electric strength in the explosion channels of less than 8 kV/cm.

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ЖурналInstruments and experimental techniques New York
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