Cross-correlation video recording of gas-vapor-droplet two-phase flows

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The experimental investigations of gas-vapor-droplet two-phase flow formation during single water droplets and their aggregate motion through high-temperature (more than 1000 K) combustion products have been conducted with usage of cross-correlation measuring facility and optical methods of "tracer" visualization ("Particle Image Velocimetry" and "Interferometric Particle Imaging"). Modes of droplet motion in high-temperature gases area have been established. It has been determined the influence of the main droplet (sizes, composition, temperature, dispersability, form, velocity) and gas (temperature and velocity) characteristics on parameters of forming gas-vapor-droplet mixtures. The main elements of advanced firefighting technologies with the usage of time and space apportioned polydisperse composition water droplet flows have been formulated. Physical and predictive mathematical models have been developed to determine the basic parameters of equipment which is necessary for operation with these technology usage.

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