Corrosion Effect on Concrete Barrier Life of a Decommissioned AD Reactor

M. V. Antonenko, D. O. Chubreev, G. V. Kuznetsov

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A mathematical model of diffusion of calcium hydroxide in the system concrete barrier–ambient environment was developed to determine the influence of corrosion processes of the first and second kinds, engendered by water and radionuclides, on the lifetime of a concrete barrier of a decommissioned commercial uranium-graphite reactor. The CaOH distribution over the thickness of the barrier in a single crack was determined. Calculations were performed to determine the CaOH concentration over the barrier thickness and to analyze the effect of corrosion and the use of S-3 superplasticizer in concrete on the lifetime of the barrier. The superplasticizer can extend the operating lifetime of the concrete barrier to 800 years.

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