Corrections to kramers' formula for the fission rate of excited nuclei

E. G. Pavlova, N. E. Aktaev, I. I. Gonchar

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    A Kramers' formulas with corrections of the first and second infinitesimal orders, R F and R S, are derived from the integral Kramers' formula. In these corrections, we consider higher derivatives of the poten- tial and the distance between the saddle and scission points in R F. The rates R F and R S are compared with the results of dynamic simulations R D. It is shown that R F and R I agree with R D equally well. The calculations are performed for different forms of the potential. Although the corrections are derived for the overdamping mode they can be used for the case of medium friction.

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    ЖурналBulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics
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