Converter circuit 〈voltage-voltage〉 investigation for power calibrator

Yu M. Fomichev, S. V. Silushkin, T. S. Mylnikova

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The paper presents possible circuits to construct a voltage-voltage converter for the calibrator of fictitious power. The problems of circuit solutions were experimentally identified, and the ways of their elimination were found. One of the main problems of convectors is to provide small harmonic distortions and additional phase shift. The use of deep negative instantaneous value feedback helps to provide the desired level of nonlinear distortions and to reduce the phase shift. Corrective circuits are used to ensure the stability of the transducer at greater depths of the feedback; the half-period average value or rms value feedback is used to ensure the stability and accuracy of conversion. However, the accuracy of the power calibrator can be upgraded and its work for various types of loads can be ensured by means of application follower circuit with modern electronic components which are also discussed in the paper.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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