Convection in a Limited Space Between Two Rotating Cylinders

A. M. Bubenchikov, M. A. Bubenchikov, A. I. Potekaev, S. V. Tyschenko, M. A. Sheremet

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Using the methods of physical and mathematical modeling, the pattern of flow and heat exchange in a rotating cylindrical chamber is investigated for the case where a radial temperature difference is realized. The mathematical model is formulated in the dimensional variables: current function – velocity vorticity –temperature in the cylindrical coordinates. The distributions of the current function and temperature isolines, which indicate the effect of the temperature difference and the chamber rotation velocity on the flow pattern and heat exchange are obtained. It is found out that an increase in the rate of rotation gives rise to an increased number of vortex structures in the plane and a significantly intensified flow in them, while an increase in the temperature difference results in a slightly higher circulation of the medium in the chamber only.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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