Control of structure in magnetron sputtered thin films

H. Poláková, M. Kubásek, R. Cerstvý, J. Musil

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The paper describes two methods which can be used to control the film structure: (1) the energy delivered to the growing film, i.e. (i) substrate heating and (ii) ion bombardment; and (2) the interlayer inserted between the substrate and the film. These methods were tested on Cu and Zr-Y-N films and Cu and Cr-Ni-N films were used as interlayers. It was found that both methods can improve the crystallinity of sputter deposited films. Dependences of the film structure on substrate temperature, Ts, negative substrate bias, Us, and substrate ion current density, is, are given. The effect of the interlayer on the structure of the deposited film is also clearly demonstrated.

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ЖурналSurface and Coatings Technology
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