Контроль пропитки – эффективный фактор Повышения надежности электродвигателей горнодобывающей, Строительной и других отраслей промышленности

Gennady V. Smirnov, Maxim V. Vedyashkin

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Failure of the electric machine leads to emergencies, equipment downtime and, as a consequence, high economic costs to eliminate the results of machine failure. The failure of electrical machines at investigation, production and transportation of georesources in oil'ex' tracting, mining, coal, chemical and other industries damages most of all the domestic economy. Reliability of these machines is deter' mined by technological operations of impregnation and drying of windings. The most important qualitative characteristics of the win' dings are formed on these operations: electroinsulating, thermal, moisture resistant and mechanical. These properties depend on the de' gree of cavities filling of the winding with the impregnating composition. Low'quality impregnation of windings leads to the defects in the inter'coil insulation during storage and transportation of equipment to the place of operation. The development of quality control methods of windings impregnation is an actual problem. The aim of the work is to show the possibility of controlling the distribution of the impregnating composition on the winding by mea' suring the heat capacity of the windings before and after impregnation. Research methods: electrothermal and electromagnetic research methods, which are related to the measurement of thermal parame' ters of the winding and individual electrical quantities. Results. The paper considers the electrothermal method of quality control of windings impregnation. Physical bases of quality control of impregnation are proved. The paper introduces the derivation of the main criterions of quality assessment for technological opera' tions and the scheme of the control device. The authors considered the principle of its operation and analyzed the errors for the offered method of control.

Переведенное названиеControl of impregnation is an effective factor in increasing the reliability of motors in the mining, construction and other industries
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ЖурналBulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering
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  • Control system
  • Converter
  • Counter
  • Generator
  • Heat capacity
  • Impregnating composition
  • Resistance
  • Time
  • Trigger
  • Winding

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