Contribution of the scientific School of Academician V.E. Nakoryakov in thermophysics and heat engineering

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Relevance of the work is related to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Academician Vladimir El. Nakoryakov. The relevance is defined as well by his role in development of fundamentals of thermal physics, theoretical heat engineering and engineering applications in various industries. The aim of the work is to systematize the most significant works of Vladimir El. Nakoryakov and his colleagues in the main areas of research, to identify the main results obtained by him together with his disciples, to show their importance for science. Results. The authors have made a review of scientific achievements of Academician Vladimir El. Nakoryakov and scientific school in the field of thermal physics and heat engineering established by him. The paper demonstrates the importance of the works in the field of unsteady heat transfer. For the first time he obtained the rated dependences for bodies with classical form at heat transfer in the audio field in the conditions of free convection and forced flow, for burning a drop in the sound field under free convection and forced flow for drop combustion in the sound field of combustion chambers. Based on the experimental results the theoretical explanations of a number of thermal effects in the combustion chambers was give, their relation to the local concentration of heat flows was shown, thus improving the reliability of jet engines. Vladimir El. Nakoryakov contributed significantly to the experimental thermodynamics of multiphase systems and developed the theory of electrodiffusion diagnostic method of single-phase and multiphase fluids. The method was experimentally implemented that allowed solving a wide class of problems of hydrodynamics and mass transfer of two-phase flows. For the first time it was possible to measure the velocity profile of the liquid phase and gas content, the turbulent characteristics of gas-liquid flows. The research of processes in two-phase media led to the development of the theory of wave dynamics of gas-liquid systems. Conclusions. In conclusion the paper introduces the information on recognition of merits of V.E. Nakoryakov by scientific community, academia and public spheres.

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