Contents and migration forms of elements in natural waters of the mid-Tom' basin

S. L. Shvartsev, N. M. Rasskazov, O. G. Savichev

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The subject of study is microcomponent composition and forms of migration in surface and underground waters of the upper hydrodynamic zone of the mid-Tom' basin. It has been shown that average concentrations of some components in ground waters are somewhat higher than the values earlier established for southern West Siberia. The deviations are mainly due to wide development of gleyish geochemical setting and to abundance of pyritized sedimentary rocks and coals. Data on ratios of dissolved and suspended forms of element migration in underground and surface waters have been obtained. Among them the colloid form of migration is predominant for some metals. It is supposed that the oxidation processes running when samples of underground waters come in contact with the air likely have an effect on the ratio of colloid and dissolved forms of migration. It is established that the microcomponent composition of underground waters of the region under study is only slightly affected by man-induced factors.

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