Construction of interval polynomial ensure the specified degree of robust stability

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The paper presents an original algorithm to determine the intervals of characteristic polynomial coefficients, which ensure that the polynomial roots are located leftward to the vertical line, which specifies the robust stability degree. This algorithm is built in conditions that provide linking indexes of stability and oscillation with interval coefficients of the characteristic polynomial. The paper reviews application of the algorithm for determination of the interval settings in a robust PID-controller. The efficiency of the algorithm was tested by construction of localization regions of roots of the synthesized interval polynomial.

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Название основной публикацииCACS 2014 - 2014 International Automatic Control Conference, Conference Digest
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Событие2014 International Automatic Control Conference, CACS 2014 - Kaohsiung, Тайвань, китайская провинция
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Другое2014 International Automatic Control Conference, CACS 2014
СтранаТайвань, китайская провинция

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