Constituent composition of the essential oils from some species of the genus Saussurea DC

Elena Avdeeva, Yaroslav Reshetov, Dmitry Domrachev, Ekaterina Gulina, Sergei Krivoshchekov, Margarita Shurupova, Konstantin Brazovskii, Mikhail Belousov

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The genus Saussurea DC is well known for its rich chemical composition and wide range of biological activities. Although content and biological effects of major chemical components are thoroughly studied, the composition and concentrations of minor constituents, such as essential oils, still remains unclear. In total, 62 different chemical compounds have been identified in the essential oils from S. controversa, S. latifolia, S. parviflora and S. salicifolia using a gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method. The essential oils include 1–5% of linalool, 2–7% of eudesmol and oxygen-containing sesquiterpenoids: 7–25% of caryophyllene oxide, 4–5% of spathulenol, 4–6% of humulene-6.7-oxide. The presence of sesquiterpenoids can be considered as a chemotaxonomic feature of the studied species of Saussurea DC. The essential oils can be candidates for new anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-tumor drugs due to relatively high concentration of caryophyllene oxide.

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