Conceptual design of sound, custom composition languages

Stefano Soi, Florian Daniel, Fabio Casati

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Service composition, web mashups, and business process modeling are based on the composition and reuse of existing functionalities, user interfaces, or tasks. Composition tools typically come with their own, purposely built composition languages, based on composition techniques like data flow or control flow, and only with minor distinguishing features-besides the different syntax. Yet, all these composition languages are developed from scratch, without reference specifications (e.g., XML schemas), and by reasoning in terms of low-level language constructs. That is, there is neither reuse nor design support in the development of custom composition languages. We propose a conceptual design technique for the construction of custom composition languages that is based on a generic composition reference model and that fosters reuse. The approach is based on the abstraction of common composition techniques into high-level language features, a set of reference specifications for each feature, and the assembling of features into custom languages by guaranteeing their soundness. We specifically focus on mashup languages.

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