Composite supercapacitor electrodes by electrodeposition of MnO2 on MWCNT felt directly grown on aluminum

Reza Kavian, Antonello Vicenzo, Massimiliano Bestetti

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Manganese oxide \ carbon nanotube (CNT) thin film electrodes were fabricated by direct growth of a carbon nanotube layer on aluminum substrate (i.e. a commercially viable material for use as current collector) by chemical vapor deposition, in the presence of an electrochemically deposited thin film nickel catalyst, followed by anodic electrodeposition of MnO2. A proof of concept of this approach is demonstrated showing that the fabrication process, even in its simplest and unsophisticated implementation-notably without any deliberate effort to control the CNT growth arrangement and consequently the composite microstructure-allows the preparation of MnO2/CNT/Al prototype electrodes having almost a three-fold increase in capacitance compared to MnO2/Ni electrodes and, more significantly, comparing favorably with composite electrodes of similar design and fabrication. MnO2/CNT/Al electrodes ensured also improved cyclic stability compared to the reference case of MnO2/Ni electrodes. The proposed scheme is an effective procedure for the fabrication of thin film composite MnO2/CNT/Al electrodes, which may be amenable to significant improvements by tailoring thickness and microstructure of the CNT scaffold and manganese oxide film. Furthermore, a similar process scheme, may be proposed for the fabrication of active electrodes of different scopes with a proper choice of the substrate.

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ЖурналJournal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems
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