Complex of ytterbium ethylenediaminetetraacetate as combined NMR paramagnetic probe for in situ control of temperature and pH in aqueous media

Sergey P. Babailov, Eugeny N. Zapolotsky

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    The paper reports variations in LIS for [Yb(H2O)n(EDTA)] and [Yb2(EDTA)3]6− complexes as a result of variation in pD and temperature. This is the first detection of kinetically stable complexes of the yttrium subgroup with stoichiometric ratio of 2:3. The experimental paramagnetic lanthanide-induced chemical shift values of these compounds are well fitted by linear dependence on 1/T at different pH values. The [Yb(H2O)n(EDTA)] complex can be considered as one of the most promising combined NMR spectroscopic probe to determine temperature and pH in aqueous media.

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