Comparative analysis of emission characteristics of single- and double-cascade gas puffs

R. B. Baksht, I. M. Datsko, V. I. Oreshkin, A. G. Russkikh, A. V. Fedyunin, A. V. Shishlov, M. O. Koshevoi, A. A. Rupasov, D. A. Fedin, A. V. Shikanov

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The measured emission characteristics of single-and double-cascade argon gas puffs (fast Z-pinches) and their comparative analysis are presented. Experiments were performed in the GIT-4 generator with the inductive storage, with a load current of up to 1.6 MA and with a current-front duration of 100 ns. By using two spectrographs that provide measurements in different wavelength ranges, the electron temperatures and masses of the hot and cold plasma fractions are determined. In the case of the double-cascade gas puff, the increase in the K-radiation yield is shown to be due to an increase in both the temperature and mass of the hot plasma fraction.

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ЖурналPlasma Physics Reports
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