Compact 810 kA linear transformer driver cavity

J. R. Woodworth, W. E. Fowler, B. S. Stoltzfus, W. A. Stygar, M. E. Sceiford, M. G. Mazarakis, H. D. Anderson, M. J. Harden, J. R. Blickem, R. White, A. A. Kim

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    We are performing experiments with a 92-kV, 810-kA, 74.6-GW linear transformer driver (LTD) cavity. This cavity generates a ∼100ns power pulse from DC-charged capacitors in a single step. Our experiments start with an existing 100-kV, 490-kA LTD cavity and are making a number of improvements to it that are aimed at increasing the cavity's peak output power and better understanding its operation. We are making improvements to the gas switches, the capacitors, and the magnetic toroids as well as heavily instrumenting the cavity. These experiments have increased the cavity's output current into a matched load by 65% without increasing its volume.

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    ЖурналPhysical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams
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    Woodworth, J. R., Fowler, W. E., Stoltzfus, B. S., Stygar, W. A., Sceiford, M. E., Mazarakis, M. G., Anderson, H. D., Harden, M. J., Blickem, J. R., White, R., & Kim, A. A. (2011). Compact 810 kA linear transformer driver cavity. Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams, 14(4), [040401].