Compact 150 kV electron accelerator

G. M. Kassirov, F. G. Sekisov, N. N. Shumilova

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The design and testing results were described of electron accelerator based on pulse transformer with high-voltage unit vacuum insulation. The output pulse of the transformer was up to 150 kV. The current pulses of up to 5 mA and ≈200 ns length at the electron energy in output beam of ≈60 keV were obtained. The electron beam energy was sufficient for colouring alkaline-haloid crystals, while the irradiation of fluoroplastic for several minutes caused structural transformations in it. When testing accelerator mockup the break-downs from winding last turn to camera were observed. These break-downs were probably connected with the organic substance presence in operating zone. The service life and pulse recurrence rate were limited by K15-4-40 condensator serviceablity in shaping line.

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