Compact 1000 PPS high-voltage nanosecond pulse generator

Vladimir P. Gubanov, Sergei D. Korovin, Igor V. Pegel, Albert M. Roitman, Vladislav V. Rostov, Aleksei S. Stepchenko

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A compact high-voltage nanosecond generator is described with pulse repetition rate of up to 1000 pps. The generator includes a 30-Ω coaxial forming line charged by a built-in Tesla transformer with high coupling coefficient, and a high-voltage (N2) gas gap switch with gas circulating between the electrodes. The maximum forming line charge voltage is 450 kV, the pulse duration is ∼4 ns, and its amplitude for a matched load is up to 200 kV. The generator has been applied to create powerful sources of ultrawide-band electromagnetic radiation and nanosecond microwave pulses.

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ЖурналIEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
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    Gubanov, V. P., Korovin, S. D., Pegel, I. V., Roitman, A. M., Rostov, V. V., & Stepchenko, A. S. (1997). Compact 1000 PPS high-voltage nanosecond pulse generator. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 25(2), 258-265.