Commercial streams of ferroalloys in Russia

G. Y. Boyarko, V. Y. Khatkov

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Commercial streams of manganese, chromium, silicon, vanadium, niobium, molibdenym, tungsten, titanium and nickel ferroalloys in Russia are considered in dynamics during 1996-2016. The following groups of ferroalloys are emphasized: Import-depending, export-oriented and import-export streams. Maximal size of import and export streams of ferroalloys and raw materials makes 2.6/1.0 mln. t (mass) and 1.0/1.7 bln. USD (cost) respectively. Suggestions for lowering of import dependence for separate grades of ferroalloys are formulated. Solving the problem of import replacement for problematic ferroalloys and their raw materials can be achieved by putting into practice the new deposits of defi cient raw materials, such as manganese, chromium and niobium, by stabilization of import streams from friendly countries inside Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS, by introduction of the new technologies for processing of raw materials, as well as wastes of ferroalloy production facilities and varying of ferroalloys consumption structure in metallurgy.

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