Coke formation reduction in the cataltic reforming reactors at the optimal catalyst activity

Ekaterina S. Chernyakova, Emilia D. Ivanchina, Inna V. Yakupova, Margarita V. Vinidiktova, Gaini Zh Seytenova

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Analysis of the catalyst operation effectiveness of the reforming process was conducted with mathe-matical modelling method using. The proposed method allows estimating the process unsteadiness by taking adverse reactions and the formation of reversible and graphite coke into account. The main charac-teristics of two reforming catalysts were calculated and compared. The criterion of effectiveness deter-mining the coke accumulation and selectivity for the given technological conditions was used as the comparative characteristic. It was found that the coke accumulations at the current and optimal activity operation are different, vary from 2.65 % mass. for Catalyst 2 to 3.40 % mass. for Catalyst 1 and de-pends on the raw material volume.

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