Coherent Diffraction Radiation experiment at CTF3 - Simulation studies

K. Lekomtsev, G. Blair, G. Boorman, R. Corsini, P. Karataev, T. Lefevre, M. Micheler

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A two-target model was developed for the simulations of Coherent Diffraction Radiation (CDR) phenomenon for the experiment at the CLIC Test Facility 3 (CTF3 at CERN). The model is based on a classical DR theory. The radiation distribution from the targets, as a function of the angle and the frequency, was calculated for the first and the second target separately in order to understand how the final radiation distribution from the two targets, working as a system, is formed. The final radiation distribution of destructive interference between the two targets was obtained as well. The distributions were calculated for the working parameters of both the CTF3 and the experimental setup and were used for a single-electron spectrum calculation, required for the bunch profile reconstruction.

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