Coal char oxidation kinetics in air medium

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Research on oxidation in air medium process of three different coal chars with various carbon content was presented. The anthracite, T-grade bituminous coal and 2B-grade lignite char powders with particle size less than 80 μm were studied. The coal char oxidation was studied by isothermal method using coupled TG-DSC analyzer Netzsch STA 449 Jupiter F3 in the temperature range 1000-1200 °C. Experiments were carried out at ambient pressure. Volumetric flow rate of oxidation medium into analyzer chamber was 250 ml/min and consisted of oxygen and argon with volumetric ratio 24:1. Based on experimental data, the average rate of carbon oxidation reaction values were defined at each temperature. Kinetic constants (frequency factor and activation energy) of reaction were defined as well via 1st order Arrhenius equation. Activation energy values are in good agreement with the data presented in the literature. Activation energy values for anthracite char are 1.6-1.7 times higher than those for bituminous coal and lignite chars, respectively.

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