Co-existance of various active gold species in Au-mordenite catalyst for CO oxidation

I. V. Tuzovskaya, A. V. Simakov, A. N. Pestryakov, N. E. Bogdanchikova, V. V. Gurin, M. H. Farías, H. J. Tiznado, M. Avalos

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Different structural and electronic states of gold species in H-mordenite with SiO2/Al2O3 molar ratio 206 and their transformations under redox treatments have been studied by the methods of diffuse reflectance UV-visible spectroscopy and FTIR spectroscopy of adsorbed CO. Different states of ionic and metallic gold were detected in the zeolite channels and on the external surface of the zeolite - Au+ and Au3+ ions, charged clusters Aunδ +, and neutral nanoparticles Aum. Catalytic tests of the samples revealed the co-existence of several types of active species of gold in CO oxidation - gold clusters <1.5 nm (responsible for low-temperature activity) and gold nanoparticles (responsible for high-temperature activity).

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