Characterization of Zr-based hard coatings for medical implant applications

M. Balaceanu, T. Petreus, V. Braic, C. N. Zoita, A. Vladescu, C. E. Cotrutz, M. Braic

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ZrCN single layer and Zr/ZrCN multilayered hard coatings, deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering, were investigated as possible candidates to be used as protective layers on medical implants. The elemental composition, hardness and adhesion of the coatings were analyzed. "In vivo" investigations on rats were carried out in order to examine the biomedical effects of coated implants. After 8 weeks of periosseous implantation, the blood parameters and the reaction of the surrounding tissues to the implants were evaluated. For comparison, uncoated stainless steel 316L implants were also investigated. Biological tests revealed that the best humoral immune response was obtained for the multilayer coated implants. Also, hematological analysis showed no significant differences in any of the blood parameters (red and white blood cell counts, hemoglobin concentration, and hematocrit) between the control group (sham operated rats) and the experimental groups formed by rats with coated implants.

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ЖурналSurface and Coatings Technology
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Balaceanu, M., Petreus, T., Braic, V., Zoita, C. N., Vladescu, A., Cotrutz, C. E., & Braic, M. (2010). Characterization of Zr-based hard coatings for medical implant applications. Surface and Coatings Technology, 204(12-13), 2046-2050.