Characterization of the Hydrogen Migration in a VT1-0 Titanium Alloy by Thermo-EMF and Eddy Current Nondestructive Control Methods

Syui Shupen, V. V. Larionov, V. N. Kudiyarov, R. R. Elman, A. M. Lider

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Abstract—The processes of hydrogen migration in a titanium plate and inhomogeneous hydrogen saturation are studied by measuring the thermopower and eddy currents. The processes of inhomogeneous hydrogen saturation of commercial-purity VT1-0 titanium are developed, tested, and investigated using these methods of nondestructive testing. To achieve an inhomogeneous hydrogen concentration in a titanium plate, a TiN film 1–2.6 μm thick is deposited onto it by magnetron sputtering, and the parts of the plate free of the film are hydrogenated. The thermo-emf and eddy currents are measured at various probe coordinates before and after hydrogen saturation of the plate. Eddy current testing demonstrates that, after the plate is hydrogen saturated for 1.5 h, the thermo-emf on the side of hydrogen sorption is significantly lower than on the coated side. After 144 h, a uniform thermo-emf ​​ distribution is obtained, as follows from eddy current measurements. The thermo-emf study is performed upon heating at a constant rate. The thermo-emf of each part of the titanium alloy surface (including the uncoated part) is approximately equal to the value obtained before hydrogenation. The electrical resistivity of the coated titanium plate at room temperature is approximately 0.315 mΩ cm. After hydrogenation, the hydrogen content in the uncoated part decreases slowly. The thermo-emf also decreases gradually. A hydrogen content distribution can be formed via a thermo-emf distribution ​​in the titanium plate. After holding for a sufficiently long time, a uniform thermo-emf distribution forms in the plate.

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