Characteristics of regional blood flow and athletes' exercises performance at capnographic training with bio-feedback

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The value of exercise performance is an acute informative index of functional state and integral expression of body potentials, requiring a research influenced by various muscle loads. Exercise performance is well studied for it is an objective index of "dynamic health" and depends on athletes' age-sex features, sport and exercise performance. The purpose of the research was to study characteristics of regional blood flow and exercise performance at capnographic training with biofeedback in athletes engaged in cycling sports trainings. Functional reorganizations in lung ventilation regulation in researched athletes were accompanied by hemodynamic changes in arterial and venous blood flow in lower extremities and increase of exercise performance. Capnographic biofeedback-training was assumed to intensify cells respiration, increase of effectiveness of the use of oxygen. Capnographic biofeedback-training also promotes quicker adaptation of blood flow to metabolic requirements of skeletal muscles of lower extremities and ultimately facilitates growth of athletes' exercise performance. The received results promote considering capnographic training with biofeedback as a perspective component of cyclic training process.

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