Characteristic of plasma flare stimulated by steel ablation with nanosecond laser

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In this paper the behaviour of steel under the influence of the first harmonic YAG: Nd laser is investigated. The energy density in the spot varied from 0.1 to 50 J/cm2. The amplitude of the glow of the plasma flare; a pressure pulse propagation into the sample; initial velocity of expansion of the plasma were measured. Experimental dependences of the plasma emission amplitude, the rate of its expansion into vacuum, and the pressure under plasma limitation and expansion conditions on the energy density of the laser pulse are obtained. The values of all these parameters increase with the level of laser action. Characteristic growths slow at high levels (>10 J/cm2) of laser exposure. Attenuation of the energy supplied to the sample surface with ns laser pulses is negligible. The pressure of expanding plasma reaches values sufficient to provide shear deformations.

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