Certain features of the electronic structure of ternary alloys of Ni3Mn with iron and cobalt

V. M. Zhukova, V. P. Fadin, V. E. Panin

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Features of the electronic structure of ternary alloys of the quasibinary Ni3Mn-Ni3Fe and Ni3Mn-Ni3Co systems are discussed on the basis of an analysis of the changes in the absolute thermal emf S and in the conductivity ρ{variant}. It is concluded that all the ternary Ni3Mn-Ni3Fe alloys have a closed Fermi surface in both the disordered and ordered states. It is confirmed experimentally that a deep minimum appears on the state-density curve Nd(E) during the ordering of Ni3Mn-Ni3Fe alloys, and the alloy composition whose Fermi surface corresponds to this minimum is given.

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