Catalytic influence of nanosized titanium dioxide on the thermal decomposition and combustion of HMX

Nikita Muravyev, Alla Pivkina, Joop Schoonman, Konstantin Monogarov

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The influence of nanosized oxides of titanium, aluminum, iron, and silicon on HMX thermolysis is reported. The catalytic performance was analyzed and the key factors were shown to be specific surface area, content, and the acid/base properties of the metal oxide surface. The acidity of the surface of nanosized titania was varied to evaluate the subsequent changes in catalytic efficiency on HMX combustion and thermolysis processes. Various thermal analysis techniques were applied to characterize the HMX decomposition: DSC, TG, simultaneous in situ mass spectrometry of the gaseous species, and thermokinetic modeling. Based on the experimental results, the model of the nanosized titanium oxide influence on the HMX decomposition is proposed.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion
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