Carbon Nanotubes Influence the Enzyme Activity of Biogeochemical Cycles of Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and the Pathogenesis of Plants in Annual Agroecosystems

O. B. Vaishlya, N. N. Osipov, N. V. Guseva

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We conducted pre-sowing seed treatment of spring wheat carbon nanotubes modified with thionyl chloride, ethylene diamine, azobenzole, and dodecylamine. CNTs did not disrupt the structure of the crop, but the activity of extracellular enzymes in the rhizosphere of plants in the flowering stage changed: laccase works more poorly in the variant of the CNTs with the amino groups exochitinase and phosphatase activity increased in the case of chlorinated CNTs, OH and COOH groups on the surface of the nanotubes twice accelerate work β-glucosidase. The changes observed in the biogeochemical cycles in the rhizosphere are a possible cause of the effect of nanotubes on the development of epidemic diseases of wheat.

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