Carbon-Based Electrodes for Sensitive Electroanalytical Determination of Aminonaphthalenes

Jaroslava Zavazalova, Mariana Emilia Ghica, Karolina Schwarzova-Peckova, Jiri Barek, Christopher M.A. Brett

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The electroanalytical performance of bare glassy carbon electrodes (GCE) for the determination of 1-aminonaphthalene (1-AN) and 2-aminonaphthalene (2-AN) was compared with GCE modified by a Nafion permselective membrane or multiwalled carbon nanotubes and with other types of carbon-based materials, carbon film and boron doped diamond. Nafion-modified GCE gave the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limit (0.4μmolL-1) for differential pulse voltammetric determination of 1-AN. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy gave information about the processes at the electrode surface. Simultaneous determination of 1-AN and 2-AN in a mixture at GCE and their determination in model samples of river water is presented.

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