Calculation of photoemission characteristics of cubic K3Sb

V. P. Kiselev, V. V. Konev, V. A. Chaldyshev

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    A three-step model of photoelectron emission is used to calculate the quantum efficiency and the energy distribution functions of emitted electrons with allowance for the scattering of the excited electrons leading to the production of electron-hole pairs. The calculated quantum efficiency is compared with experimental data in the visible part of the spectrum. The correlation between the structure of the photoemission characteristics and the density of the electron states is discussed.

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    Страницы (с-по)850-853
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    ЖурналSoviet Physics Journal
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    СостояниеОпубликовано - окт 1980

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    Kiselev, V. P., Konev, V. V., & Chaldyshev, V. A. (1980). Calculation of photoemission characteristics of cubic K3Sb. Soviet Physics Journal, 23(10), 850-853.