Business operation intelligence

Fabio Casati, Umeshwar Dayal, Ming Chien Shan

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In the last decade we have witnessed an increased trend towards automating all the interactions that a company has with its customers, suppliers, and employees. This trend is continuing even in the economic downturn, since automation not only allows for faster processing, but can also reduce costs and errors due to the diminished need for human involvement. Once a robust ebusiness infrastructure has been developed and deployed, companies quickly turn their attention to the problem of assessing and managing the quality of their e-business operations. This paper presents the concepts and architecture of a system that supports users in managing their infrastructure from a both a business (qualitative) and IT (quantitative) perspective. The platform also provides for the "intelligent" analysis of e-business operations as well as for making predictions over the quality of ongoing and future operations.

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Событие2nd International workshop on Databases in Networked Information Systems, DNIS 2002 - Aizu, Япония
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Конференция2nd International workshop on Databases in Networked Information Systems, DNIS 2002

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