Broadening of absorption lines of the v2 band of the H 2S molecule by the pressure of atmospheric gases

V. I. Starikov, A. E. Protasevich

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    The broadening coefficients γ of absorption lines of the v 2 band of H2S molecules due to the pressure of molecular gases H2S (self-broadening), H2O, N2, O 2, H2, D2, and CO2 have been calculated by the semiclassical methods. A satisfactory agreement with the experimental data available for some lines has been achieved. In all cases, the parameters of an analytical model allowing the reconstruction of the calculated and experimental values of γ have been determined. For the case of line self-broadening, the calculation has been performed for several temperatures in the range 296 K ≤ T ≤ 1300 K and the parameters determining the temperature dependence of γ have been obtained.

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