Boron-doped diamond film electrodes-new tool for voltammetric determination of organic substances

Karolina Pecková, Jana Musilová, Jiří Barek

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This review with 194 references summarizes the recent progress in the development and applications of boron-doped diamond film electrodes in electroanalysis of organic compounds. It is based on the survey of 106 papers listed in a comprehensive table devoted to batch voltammetric and liquid flow amperometric methods using boron-doped diamond electrodes. The varieties in their construction, surface pre-treatment and electroanalytical methods used are discussed. Special attention is paid to miniaturized boron-doped diamond electrodes for in vitro/in vivo sensing, or electrochemical detection coupled to conventional or chip-based electrophoretic detection systems. Further, possibilities and limitations of surface modification are discussed.

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ЖурналCritical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry
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