Boiling crisis in droplets of ethanol water solution on the heating surface

V. E. Nakoryakov, S. Ya Misyura, S. L. Elistratov

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Evaporation of droplets of ethanol water solution on a heated surface is studied experimentally at high heat fluxes. The behavior of water-alcohol mixtures was examined under the conditions of heat transfer crisis. Direct measurement of the current mass of evaporating droplets allows us to study the behavior of liquid batches in significantly nonstationary processes. An insignificant alcohol admixture to water increases significantly the transitional area of the crisis. The maximal length of transitional area corresponds to a mass concentration of alcohol of about 30%. For this concentration the heat transfer coefficient of the water-alcohol solution is maximal. It is shown that addition of highly volatile liquids to water allows efficient control of evaporation rate, which can be used for engineering processes.

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ЖурналJournal of Engineering Thermophysics
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