Blood coagulation BY atmospheric pressure plazma

O. N. Vinogradova, V. G. Chelnov, A. N. Aleinik

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Some physical principles are used now for blood coagulation. They may be separated into two classes. The first known use is based on high temperature generated by high frequency 300kHz) electrical current. High temperature leads to rap W cauterization and tissue desication. Tissue is damaged up to l mm deep. It results in prolonged healing. In the next class, e-plasma is generated by conventional thermal discharge in plasmotron and then delivered through refrigerator to the desired location. Plason is one of such devices. In that case blood is coagulated by direct treatment of NO ions. Others active plasma particles don't reach wound. Because of that, efficacy of coagulation is small and the device is used mainly for tissue sterilization. The best way would be plasma generation in direct contact with living tissue.

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