Biomechanical features of floating shot in basketball players of different skill levels

L. V. Kapilevich, L. V. Koshel'skaya, A. V. Razuvanova

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Basketball is a comprehensive coordination sport that combines an abundance of motor actions, both on site and in the air. There is a wide variety of shots in basketball, but 70% of all shots in the game are done using one hand in a jump (jump shot). It is important both for professional basketball players and for a successful workouts of beginner players (students, pupils) to improve this type of shot, as it influences the psychological aspect of success in the game, and therefore the educational process. At the same time, in the context of sports physiology floating position is not a standard condition for any motor action, and one needs a complex overall restructuring of functional systems to adapt to it. The biomechanical features of basketball floating shot performed by basketball players of different skill levels were studied. The results indicate that the restructuring of the set of movements of highly skilled basketball players provides first adaptation to the floating position, coordination of movement and turn the body floating in the air into a technical skill. At the same time, the physiological adjustment of systems of the body to the floating position during a jump shot is a factor generating aspect that renders an adverse complex influence on the quality of performance of this motor action.

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