Biological Composites Based on Fluoropolymers with Hydroxyapatite for Intramedullary Implants

A. M. Aronov, E. N. Bol'basov, V. V. Guzeev, M. V. Dvornichenko, S. I. Tverdokhlebov, Igor Albertovich Khlusov

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A new type of composite materials for application as coatings for intramedullary implants in the field of orthopedics and traumatology is described. The method is based on the ability of fluoropolymers to act as a biologically inert binding agent and ability of fine-dispersed hydroxyapatite powders to act as a biologically active filling agent providing osteoinduction and osteoconduction processes. The results of the study of adhesion, elastic, and morphometric parameters of the composite are presented; chemical composition is reported. The toxicological properties, local irritant action, and hemolytic activity of the composites were determined according to GOST R ISO 10993. The in vivo tests demonstrated that the composites do not cause any negative tissue reactions and stimulate osteogenesis processes in ectopic bone formation test.

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