Biodegradable defined shaped printed polymer microcapsules for drug delivery

Valeriya Kudryavtseva, Stefania Boi, Jordan Read, Raphael Guillemet, Jiaxin Zhang, Andrei Udalov, Evgeny Shesterikov, Sergei Tverdokhlebov, Laura Pastorino, David J. Gould, Gleb B. Sukhorukov

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This work describes the preparation and characterization of printed biodegradable polymer (polylactic acid) capsules made in two different shapes: pyramid and rectangular capsules about 1 and 11 μm in size. Obtained core-shell capsules are described in terms of their morphology, loading efficiency, cargo release profile, cell cytotoxicity, and cell uptake. Both types of capsules showed monodisperse size and shape distribution and were found to provide sufficient stability to encapsulate small water-soluble molecules and to retain them for several days and ability for intracellular delivery. Capsules of 1 μm size can be internalized by HeLa cells without causing any toxicity effect. Printed capsules show unique characteristics compared with other drug delivery systems such as a wide range of possible cargoes, triggered release mechanism, and highly controllable shape and size.

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ЖурналACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
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