Bioceramic coatings for metallic implants

Alina Vladescu, Maria A. Surmeneva, Cosmin M. Cotrut, Roman A. Surmenev, Iulian Vasile Antoniac

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The performance of present orthopedic implants and prostheses components made by metallic biomaterials is quite limited due to their corrosion in the human body. Therefore, it is important to develop methods for the biofunctionalization of the metallic surfaces by changes in the material’s surface composition, structure, and morphology, which leave intact the mechanical properties of metallic biomaterials. Thus, the performance and service life of dental and orthopedic implants made by metallic biomaterials will be significantly increased. These requirements could be satisfied if biocompatible coatings with unique combinations of properties were produced. The best choice for the surface functionalization of the metallic implants or their parts that are in direct contact with bone is the bioceramic coatings which are classified in three main groups: bioinert, bioactive, and bioresorbable. Bioinert coatings are those which have a minimal interaction with its surrounding tissue after implantation in the human body, such as oxides, nitrides, oxynitrides, carbonitrides, or carbide, due to their valuable properties such as high hardness, better wear and corrosion resistance, and good biocompatibility. Bioactive coatings present after implantation a good interaction with the bone by enhancement adhesion between the bone and implants. In the case of bioresorbable coatings, these are dissolved in contact with the bone and form a new bone. The aim of this chapter is the discussion about different bioinert, bioactive, and bioresorbable coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering used in biomedical applications such as dental or orthopedic implants and medical instruments. Moreover, the possibility to enhance the osseointegration and the antibacterial properties of the metallic implants used in dentistry and orthopedic surgery is discussed in this chapter.

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