Baikal Ice Cover as a Representative Block Medium for Research in Lithospheric Geodynamics

V. V. Ruzhich, S. G. Psakhie, E. N. Chernykh, E. V. Shilko, E. A. Levina, A. V. Dimaki

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The paper summarizes the results of long-term field research in the dynamics of the Baikal ice cover as a multiscale block medium similar to the lithosphere in structure, rheology, and seismotectonic features. The analysis covers data on deformation, seismicity, and contact interaction modes as well as on meteorological factors responsible for dynamic fracture of ice plates and strong ice shocks with earthquake-like vibrations. Similarity between seismic features in ice interface zones and zones of tectonic subduction, collision, and shear is discussed. Reasoning from dynamic analogies and similarities of destruction processes in the ice and lithosphere, the research data can help solving fundamental and applied problems, particularly those of earthquake prediction and assessment of contact interactions between lithospheric plates in fault zones.

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