Background gold levels in rocks and iron ores at the Taiga deposit, central Aldan

A. F. Korobeynikov, A. L. Kulakovskiy, N. N. Pertsev

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Background gold levels are reported for magnetic and hematite ores localized in Aldan Early Precambrian high-grade metamorphic rocks. The basite-hyperbasite country rocks have levels two or three times higher than those in the komatities and Alpine-type hyperbasites in other regions (7 × 10-7%). The magnetite ores derived from the ultrabasites also have elevated levels of 8.9-10.6 × 10-7%. The highest concentrations, 39.2 x 10-7%, occur in the secondary magnetite and ludwigite-magnetite ores. Cataclasis and diaphthoresis in the enclosing basite-hyperbasites and serpentinization in the mineralized olivinites have resulted in the metal levels being reduced by factors of 2.5-4. High-temperature regeneration in the magnetite ores involved influx of boron, fluorine, sulfur and gold. -Journal summary

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