Automation of optical control of metal ions in liquid using a smartphone

Nadezhda V. Saranchina, Eldar V. Urazov, Maria M. Gavrilenko, Nataliya A. Gavrilenko

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A new automated smartphone-based assay for metals ions determination based on the color reaction with organic ligands was developed. Quantification was performed by measuring the color of the polymer optode. This offers a smartphone-based alternative to the colorimeric method for signal treatment usually employed in automatic methods. The technique enabled linear calibration within the range 1–500 ppb of metals ions. The sampling time used for this concentration range was 15 min. The method was also tested for the quantification of metals ions in water samples, followed by digital image treatment of the optode. The automated detection metals ions approach was demonstrated by applying smartphone to the analysis of metals ions. Relative recoveries of the analytes ranged from 87 % to 105 %. The described procedure has the potential to be a fully automated online smartphone platform for the purpose of routine onsite water analysis.

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