Automated SLA monitoring for web services

Akhil Sahai, Vijay Machiraju, Mehmet Sayal, Aad Van Moorsel, Fabio Casati

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SLA monitoring is difficult to automate as it would need precise and unambiguous specification and a customizable engine that collects the right measurement, models the data and evaluates the SLA at certain times or when certain events happen. Also most of the SLA neglect client side measurement or restrict SLAs to measurements based only on server side. In a cross-enterprise scenario like web services it will be important to obtain measurements at multiple sites and to guarantee SLAs on them. In this article we propose an automated and distributed SLA monitoring engine.

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Название основной публикацииManagement Technologies for E-Commerce and E-Business Applications - 13th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems
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Событие13th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management, DSOM 2002 - Montreal, Канада
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Конференция13th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management, DSOM 2002

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