Automated forging center as renaissance of hammer forging in heavy industry

V. L. Kolmogorov, S. P. Burkin, N. A. Babailov

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Modern science and industry have accumulated many efficient methods of forming by hammer forging, such as setting with shift or torsion, sectional forging, expansion by rolls etc. However, they are difficult for realization on forging equipment, what hampers their adoption in industry. Hence technological conservatism in forging. Even state-off-the-art forging complexes have brought no fundamental change into the hammer forging process. Within the present work we have developed a new composition structure of a forging machine suitable for conventional operations of hammer forging as well as for new operations, unusual for hammer and press forging. The structure of the machine, hereinafter referred to as an automated forging center (AFC) permits to solve the problems of combining external forces, producing new shapes of deformation zones, efficient use of the tool magazine. Physical and mathematical simulation of technological operations have been carried out to estimate forming and forse parameters, some results being presented in the paper.

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ЖурналJournal of Materials Processing Technology
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    Kolmogorov, V. L., Burkin, S. P., & Babailov, N. A. (1996). Automated forging center as renaissance of hammer forging in heavy industry. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 56(1-4), 631-642.