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Methane seeps is a widespread phenomenon observed on the shelves and continental slopes of inland and border seas around the world, including the Laptev Sea. Key biogeochemical processes occurring in the bottom sediments of these areas are the anaerobic oxidation of methane in combination with bacterial sulfate reduction. Both of these processes control the formation of specific autigenic mineralization. The aim of this work was to study authigenic minerals of bottom sediments with abnormally high concentrations of methane taken from two seeps in the north-eastern part of the Laptev Sea to determine the signs of their identification in ancient sedimentary rocks. The paper presents the results of lithological and mineralogical studies of bottom sediments. It was found that magnesium calcite, gypsum and pyrite are the main authigenic minerals in the studied samples of bottom sediments taken from two seeps in the north-eastern part of the Laptev Sea. The different specifics of authigenic mineralization indicate differences in conditions of migration of methane-containing fluids in these areas, presumably. Temporary decrease in the rate of methane seepage within the «eastern seep» contributed to the saturation of pore water with SO42– and Ca2+ and, as a consequence, gypsum deposition. The near-surface position of the sulfate-methane transition zone in the «western seep» due to high methane flows favored the precipitation of magnesian calcite in the upper horizons of bottom sediments. The presence of pyrite in sediments of eastern and western seep is evidence of the activity of the bacterial sulfate reduction during anaerobic methane oxidation.

Переведенное названиеAuthigenic minerals in the bottom sediments from seeps of the laptev sea
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  • Anaerobic methane oxidation
  • Arctic
  • Calcite
  • Diagenesis
  • Gypsum
  • Laptev Sea
  • Methane seeps
  • Pyrite

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