Austenization parameter influence on morphology of martensite phase of 38KhN3MFA steel

Yu F. Ivanov, E. V. Kozlov

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Methods of electron diffraction microscopy were applied to investigate the influence of a number of austenization parameters on martensitic phase morphology in steel type 38KhN3MFA. The parameters considered are as follows: grain size of original austenite, segregations and carbide phases at grain boundaries, structural defects, cooling rate on quenching within the range of 1 to 300° C·s-1. Cooling rate was revealed to be a decisive factor that determined martensite morphology. The cooling rate range of 1-20° C·s-1 was shown to promote plate-type martensite formation. This modification was called high-temperature plate-type martensite. Dependence of volumetric share of martensite mentioned on austenization parameters is presented for hardened steel.

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