Atomic and nuclear resonant coherent excitation using SIS FRS GSI beams

G. Gejsel', O. E. Krivosheev, Yu L. Pivovarov, Yu M. Filimonov, K. Shejdenberger

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    At the acceleration complex of relativistic heavy ions in GSI (Darmstadt) are planned new experiments on the channelling of beams of ″cooled″ heavy ions. In the paper are presented the results of estimations of values of atomic and nuclear resonant coherent excitation (RCE) of relativistic hydrogen-like heavy nuclei and ions in oriented crystals for the GSI energies. It is noted that the nuclear RCE may be applied in nuclear spectroscopy as a method for selective excitation of select nuclear levels in a beam of relativistic nuclei in conditions of strong suppression of central nucleus-nuclear collisions when channelling in an oriented crystal.

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